A research on patriotism and its effects on people

This need not be the community as a whole or any political unit, however. And, even if they are stopped, they expect to have a courteous and professional interaction with the police or customs officials and do not worry that the incident may prove humiliating or turn into an unpleasant situation.

The effects of racial profiling

Patriotism, as in most ideological "isms," is therefore often considered a more recent word. People will defend themselves, their families, and their homes with or without patriotic feelings.

Do you think this article will influence your opinions or behavior? It offers them the opportunity to contribute to the cultural environment in which its laws and policies are determined, and opportunities to participate directly and indirectly in the formation of these laws and policies.

Some of the words that were used to describe the effects on relationships with police included: Special duties mediate our fundamental, universal duties and make possible their most effective discharge. Consider all the negative things said about the French after their government refused to go along with the US invasion of Iraq in In the twentieth century, strong variants of patriotism have been associated rightly or wrongly with the militaristic or bellicose stance of German national socialism and Italian fascism in the s.

The prince thus embodied the essence of the state. In what is still the sole book-length philosophical study of the subject, Stephen Nathanson34—35 defines patriotism as involving: Such patriotism is compatible with a decent degree of humanitarianism.

The United States is, statistically, more patriotic than many other countries. This occurred in the middle of the day, in the community in which this man teaches.

The sense of injustice that develops among individuals in these communities creates a state of psychological imbalance and inner conflict and reinforces their concern that racism exists and that they may be subjected to it at any time.

The effects of compulsory service on patriotism

I don't know what kind of reaction they will receive. In this sense, feudal and vassal relations became integral to patriotic argument. It is being targeted.

Kokkinen agrees that Finnish and American patriotism are vastly different.Many think of patriotism as a natural and appropriate expression of attachment to the country in which we were born and raised and of gratitude for the benefits of life on its soil, among its people, and under its.


The effects of compulsory service on patriotism. Samantha Dewees October 4, “The army enables people from different backgrounds, social environments, and places to meet each other and learn more about other people in the country,” Har Noy says.

a large nation famous for its liberty, the possible effects of requiring military. People who run the box offices themselves admit that patriotism is one of the more popular themes in television and theater. Movie and television producers are even honored for showing devoted love, support and or the defense of ones country, which after all is the definition of patriotism.

Mar 27,  · One example of this was the use of patriotic propaganda in Nazi Germany to convince people that Jewish citizens were first different and untrustworthy and then inferior in more specific ways. In general, any ideology that places some people above others, as patriotism typically does, has results similar to racism.

Patriotism, in its specific sense of love of fatherland, or of one's people, is a historical corollary of a natural demand of community. The love of community that is an imperative of man's created being gains only a vague and illusory existence if it is directed finally at nothing more specific than mankind.

Indeed, so far the research literature suggests that the problem is not with patriotism itself. Human beings are built to be part of groups, but groups do not have to be self-focused and belligerent.

New psychological research points to how we can feel authentic pride for .

A research on patriotism and its effects on people
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