Provide five examples of variable costs for a fitness center

Different Types of Fitness Centers

Strategies to improve productive capacity include all but one of the following: Target customers based on capability Costs are usually classified as follows: Reduction in waste b. Transactional analysis refers to: Measure the quality of competitors.

To calculate the required sales level, the targeted income is added to fixed costs, and the total is divided by the contribution margin ratio to determine required sales dollars, or the total is divided by contribution margin per unit to determine the required sales level in units.

The strategy of segmenting demand is feasible only when a. Exhibit illustrates the total variable costs at each level of activity up to 2, buckets. Smoothing service demand c. Which position represents the customer? The presence of a friendly desk clerk in a budget hotel is an example of which of the four features of a service package?

Which of the following is not one of the major considerations in planning multinational operations? The number of units produced is equal to the number of units sold. The waiter sends the meal back to the kitchen and returns shortly with a plate of steaming eggs and bacon.

What is an Activity Cost Pool?

The questionnaires were submitted to a total of HR professionals. A restaurant that features special lunchtime combo meals is providing all but one of the following benefits? The math function for data usage cost is: Fear of customer cheating inhibits some mangers from adopting a service guarantee.

Managers must break down all mixed costs into fixed and variable portions. For many individuals there is a certain level of pride and prestige associated with being a member of an exclusive members-only country club.

The number of jobs in maintenance and repair services increases during recessions. Knowing the expected number of walk-ins per day, appointments are scheduled to utilize the doctors fully. For example I want to produce a MacBook Pro.

A bureaucratic structure is a feature of which society? Similarly, the fixed costs represent total manufacturing, selling, and administrative fixed costs. In other words, there is no change in inventory levels.

The qualifier for an airline offering short commuter flights is: Which of the following is not a reason that a service guarantee works? The wage rate for these workers is much higher than minimum wage. Provide access to latest technology d.

Loss of direct control over quality.

Cost and Cost Classifications

E-service process dimensions include all but one of the following features: Which of the following is not a role of information technology? Relationship with customers c. Service offshoring 36 Social interaction 15 Storage space in a process layout is large to accommodate the large amount of in-process inventory.

What on of the following is not a characteristic of yield management? The two-way classification for the taxonomy for outsourcing business services contains six cells.Cost-volume-profit analysis looks primarily at the effects of differing levels of activity on the financial results of a business.

In any business, or, indeed, in life in general, hindsight is a beautiful thing. Provide Five Examples Of Variable Costs For a Fitness Center Essays and Term Papers Search Results for 'provide five examples of variable costs for a fitness center' Absorption Vs.

Apr 08,  · Edit Article How to Do a Break Even Chart in Excel. In this Article: Creating Your Variable Costs Table Creating Your Fixed Costs Table Creating the Break Even Sheet Entering Your Formulas Determining the Break Even Point Community Q&A Break-even analysis is a tool for evaluating the profit potential of a business model and for evaluating various pricing K.

Cost-Benefit Example A new automated premium billing system has been recommended by outside consultants. The requirements have been defined and we are now ready to perform the cost.

The challenge with fitness centers is that most of the costs are fixed (the building, the exercise equipment, pool, the showers/lockers, steam room, special flooring, mirrors, counters, etc.) so how many customers come in and when or at least pay monthly for access to the facilities however grand or modest is the real challenge.

Your clinic has fixed costs of $1,, an average variable cost of $15 per visit, one contract with a HMO where you are paid on a capitated basis. Your contract pays you $15 per member per month and you have 12, members.

Provide five examples of variable costs for a fitness center
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