Should cell phones be banned in public places

Written by - Safa Ahmed Sample Answer 4: Not being a national of those countries I try to not make generalisations about something I know nothing about. In the United States alone, it's estimated that in five years 84 percent of U. Mobile phones have become an integral part of our lives. President Bush has reportedly banned cell phones from staff meetings.

Band 9 essay sample: Should mobiles be banned in public places?

Some people argue that usage of cell phones should be prohibited in the public places. But they still have the courtesy to turn the ringer off, leaving the vibrating alarm on when in the cinema or in a restaurant, and then go to the foyer to take the call.

Americans’ Views on Mobile Etiquette

The tide, however, may be changing. Laws like this cause greater problems, than they solve. Sounds like the perfect solution to pesky phones, right? They opine that this is the primary communication device for people and if it is banned, people would suffer greatly and would face many incomprehensible inconveniences.

I, totally, support the view and the reasons for this will be discussed below. Helen, UK Use of phones in cinemas or theatres is a little discourteous, but it amuses me how this discussion immediately turns to that particularly British fixation about people speaking or interacting in public.

Drivers assert the importance of calling for directions if lost or receive help if their car breaks down. The Telecommunications Act makes it illegal to inhibit the use of public airwaves, which is exactly what jammers do.

Some devices set their signal to the same frequency as pagers and mobile phones, cutting off communication between handsets and base stations. Also, allowing students to have cell phones gives them access to various important services likehospitals etc.

Teachers on the other hand have pointed out that these reasons are just a pretext for students to carry the cell phone in the schools and these have been put to a lot of abuse like taking photographs in bathrooms, surfing the internet and listening to music in the classrooms etc.

Schoolchildren and their parents have vociferously opposed the ban on the use of cell phones in school as they say that cell phones allow them to stay in touch with each other in case of an emergency.

These were some of the pros and cons which have been raised whenever the question of allowing cell phones in schools is raised. Coming to a Theater Near You? Bringing jamming devices to the United States might prove trickier.

Pros & Cons of Banning Cell Phones in Public Places

An example of this is my friend, who once was taking selfies continuously on the train when the passenger beside her got offended. The cell phone is only the communication medium so whether a person speaks to a friend using it or talks to them directly then they are still making noise.

And when people driving a vehicle talk on their mobiles, it can result in fatal accidents.There are significant facts and reasons that affirm that mobile phones should be banned in places like hospital, public bus, train, library, shops, convention centres and many other public places because it has been the reason for.

Listen to both sides of the debate to decide if cell phones should be allowed or banned in public schools. As students in public school today are exposed to endless technological advances, the use of cell phones seems to be an often ignored modern-day issue.

Mobile call usage should be banned in some public places; notably, on trains, in restaurants, on buses, in cinemas, in theatres, whilst driving and anywhere near me. The inconsiderate and ubiquitous use of these devices is at best irritating and at worst anti-social or even dangerous.

Should Cell Phones be Banned in Schools?

Mobile phones should not be banned in public places, reasons being it is very useful during emergencies, its several features and applications have become indispensable and banning it would kill the very purpose for which one purchases it.

Banning cell phones from school, which once seemed like a no-brainer, is no longer a simple black-and-white issue.

IELTS Essay Ideas: Banning Mobile Phones

Even in places where cell phones are not banned. A recent essay question reported on Jan Some people think that the use of mobiles (cell) phones should be banned in public places such a in libraries and shop and on public transport.

Should cell phones be banned in public places
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